Who Are We?

With Haggis involved, I have no doubt there will be some skepticism on whether the following is true or not. After all we are not in Haggis Season right now? Or are we?

The Dunedin Haggis Concert Series was conceived (if that is the right word?) over a pint of Guinness back in January 2018. The imbibers were Alan McHale (Shocker) and Michael Lange (Who would have known)?

Michael had recently moved to Dunedin from Madison, Wisconsin where it is colder than double chilled Guinness! Michael had been responsible for a number of Irish Music Events in the Mid-West and was interested in resuming his passion in Dunedin.  Alan had been in Dunedin since 2001 and at that time was President of the Dunedin Scottish Arts Foundation who were responsible for arguably the best Celtic Festival in the State of Florida (At least he thinks it was). The Dunedin Celtic Music & Craft Beer Festival. Alan was also interested in producing more Celtic Music events which were not reliant on the unpredictable weather. Although he was used to Scottish Weather so what is the issue here?

One month later they held the first of the concerts and just under 100 people attended a show with RUNA and the adventure began. Since then, the Haggis Celtic Concert Series has produced eight more concerts, each growing our audience. We have had some of the best performers touring the USA including Skerryvore from Scotland and the Screaming Orphans from Ireland. We hold the concerts at the Scottish Cultural Center at 917 Louden Avenue in Downtown Dunedin.  The goal of the Haggis Celtic Concert Series is to provide traditional and contemporary Celtic Music to a loyal audience in a fun, friendly (and dry air conditioned) environment.  Proceeds help support Scottish music and dance programs for youth in the City of Dunedin.  At every concert we collect non-perishable foods for our local food bank, Dunedin Cares.

So, Who Are We Really?

We are part of the Scottish American Society of Dunedin, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and, with them, we are committed to making sure great Celtic music is available to the good citizens of Dunedin. We also are dedicated to maintaining reasonable prices for our events in order to keep the music accessible to our community.

Our Mission Statement

To enhance the Heritage of Dunedin through Celtic Music.

Our Values Statement:

Integrity – we will fulfill our mission ethically both internally and externally, but have fun along the way.

Fiscal Responsibility – our activities will be conducted with an eye toward fiscal viability and budgetary accountability.

Quality – we will engage in a unending quest for quality in all that we do.

Fun – We will approach our efforts with joy and a spirit of generosity.

Creativity – We will strive to  bring the best, not just the best known. We will strive to surprise, delight and challenge our audience and artist alike.

Education – We  will strive to pass on the skills of our artists to students interested in gaining the knowledge and fun of this ancient craft and art form.

Community – We recognize that Traditional Celtic Music is as much a community of people as it is a genre of music. In all that we do, we are committed to fostering and maintaining the sense of community from which the music sprang.

Vision – we will provide a progressive, trend-setting educational and entertaining experience suitable for all ages by undertaking evolving, growing and creative projects.

“There are no obstacles.”

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